Glass Door Systems for the Refrigeration Market

Glassdoors for display fridges and freezers

Falkberg has been the trusted name in manufacturing glassdoor fridges and freezers since 2003.

Energy saving "patented" design

Glass doors are becoming increasingly popular in cold and freezer applications and Falkberg has been a leading supplier of top quality thermally insulated coldroom components to the coldrooms suppliers and installers.

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Constantly innovating

Maximizing Visibility, Quality, Reliability, Safety & Energy Saving

Passion for energy saving

Falkberg's unique patented energy saving architrave frame design has been proven to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing cooling capacity required by the refrigeration plant and door system.

Energy saving LED lighting is standard with all Falkberg's door systems.


Falkberg is the only manufacturer to use THERMAL switching in it's door systems to increase safety and eliminate the risk of fire.

ALL door systems are fully earth leakage protected.

ALL components used in Falkberg products comply to one ore more of the following certifications:

Glassdoor Display Fridge and Freezer Manufacturers

Falkberg is the trusted name in the glassdoor display fridge industry throughout South Africa and has become the leader in energy saving glassdoor systems worldwide.

Specialising in all areas of commercial glassdoor systems including shelving, architrave and LED lighting.

Falkberg is renowned for their patented energy saving system. The energy saving design within the frame drastically reduces the amount of power required by the heating system in order to prevent the occurrence of condensation. Read more about Falkberg’s energy saving system.

Falkberg’s world class glassdoors and shelving are used in most high end supermarkets and liquor stores throughout Africa. Restaurants, Pubs and Bars rely on Falkberg’s glass doors to enhance the appearance of their fridges. Falkberg’s glass for wine cellars is a glorious addition to any restaurant, pub or home.

Mini-Markets, Fuel Station Convenience Stores, Take-away’s, Franchised Fast Food outlets and Florists everywhere rely on Falkberg for glassdoors.

Falkberg’s success lies in providing exceptional quality glassdoors and shelving for commercial and domestic refrigeration display systems, which stems from their quest to provide exceptional quality and their continuous mission in providing energy saving systems.