Spare parts and components

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Falkberg offer the following spare parts and components:

  • Door Seals (Gaskets)
  • Door Springs
  • Handles
  • Lighting
  • “Falkberg” 4-Pin Plug for Doors
  • Bushes

Please e-mail any inquiries on spare parts components.

Spare parts

Handle – Chromed
Handle – Structured Black
Handle Spacer
Handle Insert
Screws Pan Pozi s/Tapp 4.2×19
Gasket Length
Gasket – Architrave – 1895 x 760 Door
Top Architrave Hinge Pin ss
Bottom Architrave Hinge Pin ss
Archi Bottom Hinge Plate
Top Hinge Holding Plate
Bottom Hinge Holding Plate
Screws CSK Allen 6×16 A2 S/S
Architrave C clip
Torsion Bar GD650
Thermal Switch Microtherm
PL Extrusion Cover (Décor Strip) 5600mm
Painted Galv Strips – 2340m
Hinges Small
Hinges Large (Underbar)
Hinges Pin Unslotted
Hinge Pin Slotted
Hinge Bush 8mm
Hinge Pin GU400
Hinge Bush GU400
Nylock Nut
LED Tube
Terry Clip
Light End Cap Black
LED Light (Flush) CT – 1560mm
LED Light (Flush) CT – 880mm
80W Electronic Ballasts
80W T5 Lamps
Apex Connector ( M / F / Screw)
Heater 4.06m 110Ohms
Heater 3.66m 140Ohms
Heater 2.63m 625Ohms Combi
GD Hold Down Strip 6000mm MK1
GD Hold Down Strip 6000mm MK2
PL Extrusion Light Cover 1750mm
Shelves – Flat
Can Feeder Shelves
1,5/2l Bottle Shelves
Post Sets
Alu Bracket – Post Sets
ICF Frame extrusion H9462 Anodised 6000mm
Corner Piece FTC/07
ICF Side Extrusion 6000mm
ICF Short Handle Extrusion 6000mm
ICF Long Handle Extrusion 6000mm
Woolpile HL022 6.7-900
Woolpile with adhesive